Bangkok Shopping Malls

In Thailand’s gorgeous and densely populated capital of Bangkok lies a shopping center filled with more than 2,000 shops, restaurants, and much more. Considering shopping and eating is always an ideal area to explore in such a culturally-dense city, every tourist and local alike should explore the MBK Center.

Also known as the Mah Boon Krong Center, the MBK Center is located in the Pathum Wan District on the corner of Rama I Road. It’s known as being more than your standard mall as it’s filled with an endless month’s worth of activities to do, including a vast number of excellent shops to explore for people looking to find the best deals in Bangkok.

As you can imagine, with a place the size of the MBK Center, it can be incredibly crowded. In fact, over 10,000 people typically visit it a day, making it one of the most popular malls and shopping centers in the entire world. Considering all humans love to shop, it makes it one of the must-see destinations shopping-wise in the world.

Since opening in 1985, countless other malls have sprung up as they saw the mall’s popularity and what it can do for the economy in whatever city it’s in. Despite the added competition, the legendary shopping center continues to be a must-see destination as its reputation carries it to be stronger than ever.

Regardless of tourism, Bangkok locals frequently visit the center for quick shopping trips, fun weekend outings, or a detailed search for the best deal. Because of the heavy tourism and local love, getting to the shopping center can be exceedingly difficult. Thus, many experts recommend walking from Siam Square or nearby if you’re in the area.

If you’re not up for walking in the highly-dense city, taxi options are also great to consider and tend to not be too expensive. If you end up driving, be mindful of traffic and parking. However, definitely consider going with a local option as driving and traveling in general in this highly dense area can be intimidating.

Although MBK is known for having great deals when it comes to shopping, don’t let this sway you if you’re only interested in higher-end fashion. There are a number of stores that offer nothing but premium options, making it a fairly versatile shopping center. In general, don’t spend at the first place you see, as there’s a lot of shopping to be had so take your time.

Besides shopping, the MBK has an awesome arcade, bowling alley, dance competitions, movie theatre, and much more. Do what you can to explore the mega mall as there’s an endless amount of activities to do.

Right with exploring and finding an endless supply of activities to do comes with the added bonus of potentially getting lost. Make sure you’re aware of where you entered and where you are at all times. Then, once you’re done, definitely take a step out and explore the vast and gorgeous city of Bangkok.

Directions: BTS Station National Stadium

Address: 444 Phayathai Rd, Wang Mai, Pathum Wan District, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

Opening hours: 10:00-21:00


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