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Thailand’s second largest island of Koh Samui is known for its many gorgeous sights and luxuries, including pristine waters and unforgettable beaches – Chaweng beach being one of the finer examples.

Chaweng beach is one of the country’s more popular beaches, for many attributing reasons. It’s long and spacious, filled with an upbeat and joyous atmosphere at all times, and is practically lined with restaurants and places to relax all along its six-kilometre length. There’s really no reason to give this beach a miss, especially when considering how close it is to a few of the island’s finest resorts.

Chaweng is Koh Samui island’s busiest town by far, so it’d only make sense that its beach would be the busiest too. Despite this, you needn’t worry about overcrowding due to its aforementioned six-kilometre length. There’s plenty of room on this vast and roomy beach. There’s never a lack of places to pitch an umbrella and a beach chair – some available for rent from the various shops that line the beachfront.

A part of Chaweng beach’s charm stems from its proximity to Chaweng town. Chaweng town has the most accommodation on the whole island, for the sake of its frequently visiting tourists. It’s also a strong centre for nightlife and celebration, with many celebrations often being partially held on the beach – because when you live next to something to breathtaking and wonderful, why not exploit it for every friendly opportunity?

It’s the place to be when on Koh Samui. The numerous cocktail bars and restaurants make for an all-the-more memorable time, and turn the trip from a beach experience into a cultural and celebratory one.

You typically get the same experience when it comes to beaches, regardless of which you go to. Usually, a beach is a beach, and that’s that. Chaweng isn’t all too different from many other Thai beaches – its sands are just as clean and its waters just as crystalline, but where it differs is its culture and its people. The people of Chaweng are some of the most accommodating you’ll find anywhere in the country, and its nightlife is just as pleasant.

Walk along the town’s three-kilometre long strip and take note of all the festivities and shops along the way, from eateries to fast food joints, and even an Irish pub called Topical Murphy’s if you’re ever feeling a touch of homesickness. There’s hardly any other place like it, and the rolling waves of the ocean at night only make that all the clearer with their rhythmic pushes and pulls.

Whether or not you’re a beach person, it’s a place that’s well worth the visit. There’s lots more to Chaweng beach than just the sands and unspoiled waters. There’s an experience to be had here, whether that be with friends, family or loved ones, and if you give the place even a sliver of a chance to impress you, you’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised. There’s no place on earth like Chaweng beach, so do yourself the favour of knowing it for yourself.


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