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Found in Thailand’s Phang Nga Bay, and North-East of the island of Phuket, is a famous little island that by tradition is known simply as Khao Phing Kan. To its visiting tourists, however, it’s more commonly referred to as ‘James Bond Island.’

The original name for the island: Khao Phing Kan, is Thai for “hills that lean against each other.” It’s a name that, for the most part, reflects the physical nature of the island, and those that surround it. Prior to 1974, it was only moderately visited for its beauty and interest as a generally protected indigenous area.

After 1974, however, is when it would gain its nickname of ‘James Bond Island’ by the tourists who would more gradually flock towards it. It relates to the 1974 James Bond film, ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’ which starred the late Sir Christopher Lee and Roger Moore. Whilst not the best film, critically, it brought fame to the island which the film used as a location for the antagonist’s secret lair.

It’s typical of James Bond villains to use extravagant, or often tropical locations as their base of operations, and Khao Phing Kan island served its purpose as just that, in the film. Tourists to this day often refer to it as James Bond Island, but what makes it such a spot of interest except its history as a location for a famous film shoot?

Even before its introduction into the film world, the island struck an interest in tourists who came by the Thailand Phuket province to experience its many disjointed islands. The white sandy beaches and the pristine waters are attractive to just about any visitor, often inspiring group tours to the island in order to explore its waters on either kayaks, boats, or to undergo general swimming activity.

There are several boating services that provide a trip to the island, often as a stop along a route that will bring them to a handful of other islands, in order to experience all of them and explore their tropical atmospheres somewhat. This ensures that you never stay long enough to get bored or disinterested (not that you would, when in such a beautiful place) and that you get to see many similar islands with equal amounts of awe to offer.

The flora and fauna on these islands, Khao Phing Kan included, are absolutely unmatched in their natural splendour. It’s a trip that you’ll be remembering for years, should you choose to take it, with the famed James Bond Island standing out as a particular highlight.

There are plenty of things to do and see whilst on a trip through Thailand, but if ever you make the trip, don’t forget to make it a journey that you’ll cherish in your memories with a ride through Khao Phing Kan. For James Bond fans, or general film buffs, it’s an absolute must-have experience!

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