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On the West coast of Phuket island is a famously visited resort town called Pa Tong. And what makes it such a famously visited place can usually be attributed to several pleasant aspects, but the one that stands out the hardest is its wonderous beach life and culture.

The beaches and town of Pa Tong have become the epicentre of shopping and nightlight in the Thai province of Phuket. The area’s become extremely prosperous under tourism – especially since the tourist boom in the 1980s. When it comes to the Phuket province as a whole, Pa Tong is the place to be. Especially for its gorgeous beaches.

Any resort town is expected to have good beaches, and the one in Pa Tong are more than just ‘good.’ It’s often credited to be amongst the most beautiful beaches in the world. Pa Tong beach runs at about 2850-metres (1.77 miles) across the entire length of the town’s West side.

With the combination often clear skies, pristine, cool waters, and the clearest and palest sands you’ll likely ever lay eyes on, it’s difficult not to associate the spot with paradise. The beaches are the primary reason most tourists -a large sum of them European- visiting Pa Tong in the first place. For any curious visitor, the beach is a must-see that absolutely cannot go unforgotten.

There are plenty of beach chairs and umbrellas available for rent if you’re a beach-goer, along with an appropriate selection of jet skies and parasailing equipment. There’s plenty to do here in terms of activity, whether you come alone, with friends/family, or as a couple! There are plenty of beaching options too, with Tri Trang, Freedom Beach and the main 3km-long Pa Tong beach itself.

If for any reason you’ve come to the beach town and you aren’t all-too impressed with beaches or cool waters, you’ll find plenty of entertainment in the town proper. A street in the town, named Bang-la, is the most popular street in not only the town, but in the whole Phuket province.

There are plenty of attractions to drive your curiosity wild on Bang-la street, from gin joints and beer pubs to go-go bars and various stores. It’s the appropriate place to find whatever you’re looking for in your Thailand experience, no matter what that may be. Be aware that the nightlife in this town is what it’s best known for among the locals – so if what you’re looking for is a more social experience, this would be the most opportune time.

Aside from all the night markets and rooftop bars, you’ll find lots to do in the day too of course. There are several wonderful selections of local grocery places, cinemas, ziplines and even bowling alleys! It’s a very modernised town, for a very modernised crowd.

Pa Tong resort town is for all types of tourist – the type that wants to mark another beautiful place off their bucket list, experience another culture, or just seeks a week or two of absolute leisure. No doubt that whatever category you might fall into, Pa Tong beach will satisfy.


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