ThailandInformationsThings you must know before traveling to Thailand this New Year season

Things you must know before traveling to Thailand this New Year season


Things you must know before traveling to Thailand this New Year season

2020 has been a stressful year-Full stop. But, fortunately, the riddled year has come to an end. As we are stepping into a new year, also a new decade, it is time to rejuvenize the faded energies by treating yourself to some good time, amidst nature, the blue ocean, and lush green trees.

There is one destination that fits the picture we created above-Thailand. A beautiful country, located in Asia, whose opulent scenery attracts thousands of tourists each year.

Though many countries have strict tourism restrictions in place, you can visit Thailand, as it is also recommended by WHO, for its open spaces are not a potent virus transmission window.

Feel like packing your backpack right now and hitting the road? If you are planning to travel to Thailand during this new year season, here are some things to note on the current pandemic situation in the country.

Current situation:

Of a total population of 70 million, only around 7000 citizens have been infected. Out of the total infected individuals, 4000 have been recovered. These statistics are in accordance with COVID-19 Guide for Travelers to and in Thailand | Places such as educational institutes, bars, night clubs, shopping malls, and leisure places are closed. The government has urged the citizens to avoid large gatherings although there are no official curfews.

Who is allowed to enter?

Thai nationals and/or any of their family members, immigrants having the certificate of permanent residence, students of approved institutes, and their families. Foreigners with nonimmigrant visas along with spouses and children, if any. Non-immigrants should have had a work permit to secure entry.

Requirements to enter:

Under the visa Exemption Scheme, travelers from approximately 56 countries are welcomed in Thailand. A ‘Fit to Fly’ Certificate is required for entry. A PCR negative test which should be no longer than 72 hours prior to the date of travel is also required.

Face masks and social distancing are of top priority. According to WHO’s guidelines, travelers should always carry an alcohol-based sanitizer with them. Health insurance of at least up to $100,000 USD that covers the treatment and expenses of COVID19 is also required.

Quarantine Protocols:

A 14-day self-isolation is mandatory on arrival. The quarantine cannot be done at home. The place can only be allocated by the government.

All in all, fulfilling all the prerequisites will assist you to end up in a fairly good place for your vacation in 2021.


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